roles + experiences

roles + experiences

biBERK | Product Designer

Business insurance by Berkshire Hathaway; a boring sounding job that’s chock full of interesting things to learn and endless problems to solve. My days are primarily focused on our internal tool, Apollo, our home grown solution to risk rating, policy management, claims management and billing.

In the day to day you can catch me:

🧐  Learning SO MUCH about the complexities and nuances of business insurance, our customer needs and the roles of our primary users—our own employees

🧠  Obsessing over the open-ended and ambiguous problems that sit at the intersection of complex domains and non-linear workflows

🕵🏻  Balancing trade-offs to solve those problems, with both mindfulness of short-term needs and long-term direction

🤝  Building relationships with different departments to support their needs, and educating them on the availability and usefulness of UX tools and resources

💡  Defining key areas of improvement for our product based on company goals and findings from our user research

✨  Jumping into the weeds with whatever research, design or prototyping needs doing

During my time in this role, I:

🤝  Earned a seat at the table for big solves, feature prioritization, and roadmapping with key stakeholders

🔍  Established a research program and standardized our processes and documentation (in notion!). I’m currently scaling this to a small team!

✨  Redesigned our application’s information architecture and navigation

🏗️  Restructured our app’s interface to support our users’ workflows

🏅  Certified in UX Management with Nielsen Norman Group

Union Pacific Railroad | UX Designer and Researcher

I worked with different departments and dev teams to research, improve and develop UP internal tools. From conducting intensive user interviews and usability testing, to designing and prototyping software, I helped discover issues and design solutions that improved our employee and customer experiences. A day in the life at UPRR looked a little like:

✨  Designing low to high fidelity visuals, including mockups, prototypes and user flows

🔍  Conducting extensive research in order to improve UP internal tools

🤝  Collaborating with a wide range of engineering teams to redesign and improve existing software

💡  Designing a new customer tool from the ground up

🥅  Consulting on analytics goals and KPI’s for our digital customer experience department

💭  Dreaming about riding on trains (sadly I never go to do any yard visits)

CareerFoundry | UX Design Certification Studied user experience and interface design.
The Beanery Coffee Truck | Operations Developer

I ran a coffee truck for awhile! (And learned that I really don’t want to start a brick and mortar business. At least not anytime in the near future.) During my time at the Beanery, I:

📈  Identified key markets and increased event revenue by 60%

🤙  Redesigned our pricing structure, built client relationships, wrote proposals, booked and ran events

🧐  Identified and created a sustainable business model for a coffee truck in the midwest

🖋️  Concepted and designed digital and print designs for promotional material

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