Hi, I'm Jules.

As a creative diagnosed with ADHD late in life, apps and tools have been my lifeline for years. I know firsthand the benefits that these technologies provide. (Hello, Notion 😘) Inspired by the products that have helped me so much, I became a product designer in order to make tools that solve real life problems and bring joy to the most common experiences.

In my spare time, I'm also helping start a modern dance company in Omaha, Nebraska called VŌX. You can find out more about that here.


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I love tackling problems and I believe everything is "figure-out-able". I believe that life will always have problems but we have the ability to choose some of those problems for the sake of something important. Every obstacle and problem is an opportunity to discover something new, iterate something we know and move towards what we value.

I'm officially a data-tracking junkie (ask me about notion.so PLEASE, and I will talk your ear off about relational databases <3) and I've learned the value of data-informed decision making in my own life and career.

I'm a creative at heart. I was accidentally thrust into the world of weddings and floral design twelve years ago and never managed to fully leave it. I studied ballet + modern dance (Vaganova, Graham + Horton, for those interested) and specialized in choreography. I love dancing, but choreography was my first love; there's nothing quite like dreaming up an idea and watching it come to life before your eyes.

I’m working as a Product Designer these days - a day job that fuels my desire to create meaningful things in this world. Life is hard enough; the tools we use should function beautifully and delight us, too.

things i’m working on


a few things i love

Here are some of my favorite books:
Here's some of my favorite design inspiration:
  • Tobias van Schneider's blog
  • This article on Dieter Ram's design theory
Here are some of my favorite organizational resources:

some fun facts about me

  • Ask me about floor beds; I was suckered into this weird lifestyle 8 years ago.
  • I have a polydactyl cat named Cat. I love him dearly.
  • My sister and I were once thrown into a St. Patrick’s Day parade when visiting some friends in Ireland—because we were the only redheads around.

some things i’ve written

things i’ve written