Jules Halstead


Hi, I'm Jules.

As a creative diagnosed with ADHD late in life, apps and tools have been my lifeline for years. I know firsthand the benefits that these technologies provide. (Hello, Notion 😘) Inspired by the products that have helped me so much, I became a product designer in order to make tools that solve real life problems and bring joy to the most common user experiences.

In my spare time, I'm also helping start a modern dance company in Omaha, Nebraska called VŌX. You can find out more about that here.

My work



+ User Interface Design

+ User Research + Testing (user interviews + usability testing)

+ User Stories + Journey Mapping

+ Prototyping + Wireframing

+ Project Managment

+ HTML, CSS & Javascript


+ Sketch

+ Figma

+ Notion

+ InVision

+ Illustrator

+ Photoshop

Features + other cool things

+ Portfolio Feature

I had my portfolio featured on the super.so showcase

+ Pilot CareerFoundry Project

During my time at CareerFoundry, I was one of four students selected for a pilot group project out of five hundred.


2020 - 2021

UI / UX design

Frontend development

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