readme: manifesto + how i work

readme: manifesto + how i work

I love tackling problems and I believe everything is "figure-out-able"

I believe that life will always have problems but we have the ability to choose some of those problems for the sake of something important. Every obstacle and problem is an opportunity to discover something new, iterate something we know and move towards what we value.

I’m really good at isolating problems,

which is arguably one if the most important steps in discovering solutions. It’s easy to waste time and resources if you don’t know what problem is the right one to solve for.

I’m officially a data-tracking junkie

(ask me about PLEASE, and I will talk your ear off about relational databases <3). I've learned the value of data-informed decision making in my own life and career. I’m always working to find the sweet spot between listening to my gut and following the evidence.

I’m a creative at heart.

I was accidentally thrust into the world of weddings and floral design thirteen years ago and never managed to fully leave it. I studied ballet + modern dance (vaganova, graham + horton, for those interested) and specialized in choreography and show production. I love dancing, but choreography is my one true love; there's nothing quite like dreaming up an idea and watching it come to life before your eyes.

I want to create meaningful things and experiences in my lifetime

Whether it’s a cozy space, a hearty meal, a useful tool, or art that makes you think. I like to move quickly, but know that good things take time. I’ve learned to trust the process and iterating is my go to tool. I’m a big believer in design thinking and apply it to many areas of my life.

It’s cliche, but I’m a people-person through and through

I’m both an introvert and a people-person, and people are my primary motivation for most of the things I do in life. All of those meaningful things and experiences to create? I love to create them for people to experience. It’s so special to watch someone be delighted and empowered by something you’ve made.