Designer for Sizzy revamp (It’s me—I’m the designer)

Who is Jules?

I’m a product designer with a deep love for complex problem spaces. I’m all about creating cool shit and reworking things to be better.

This is a weird (read: core) personality trait that cascades down to all areas of my life, whether it’s my day job, my art, my psyche, or my hobbies.

It’s the thing that makes me chase new ideas and opportunities. And it’s the thing that makes this gig sound so interesting!

Why do you need me?

Information architecture (and making things make sense) is one of my favorite pieces of the UX puzzle, especially for non-linear workflows and complex tools.

I’m not a developer (my partner is) but my tech background is in insurance tools and transportation/logistics management. So you can bet your favorite socks that I’ll dive deep and become one with the domain in order to help find elegant solutions that will scale with Sizzy’s next chapter.

My qualifications

  • My day job is exclusively designing a complex web app for multiple product areas.
    • Designing is a misnomer. Sure there’s a visual result, but the bulk of my work is spent meeting with stakeholders, researching, mapping the subsequent data, and cross referencing that with my knowledge of interface best practices.
  • I do almost everything in my life in either Figma or Notion 😊

Next steps

  • Watch this loom to pseudo-meet me and see if our vibes match
  • Read this short case study to learn more about my recent IA + Navigation redesign project

CTA: Interested?