THE EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE | Explorative Research Project

THE EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE | Explorative Research Project


About the project

Timeline: 1.5 months

Project type: Research

Role: Interview + Analysis

This was one of my favorite projects during my time at Union Pacific. A colleague and I were asked to conduct exhaustive interviews for the Sales and Marketing department in order to find ways to improve their employee’s experiences.

The deets

This was a truly explorative research project - our goal was to identify some quick wins, spinoff projects, and common pain points across the two different departments.

We conducted twenty-two interviews across four areas - sales, marketing, leadership, and support

We utilized two types of interviews:

  • 3 hour remote interviews split between a traditional interview and observing workflows
  • 1 hour remote verbal/video interviews (primarily with leadership)

Our deliverables were determined by stakeholder interests and emergent themes and included a robust article of analyzed themes, bug lists, video reels and secondary project planning.

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