I’m currently working as a Product Designer at biBERK (Business Insurance by Berkshire Hathaway). In this surprisingly interesting world of insurance, I’m responsible for three of our lines of business: Workers’ Compensation, Business Owners, and General Liability. In the day to day you can catch me:

🧐  Learning SO MUCH about the complexities and nuances of insurance

🧠  Helping untangle problems that arise from multiple conflicting tech stacks as well as technologies that didn’t scale well with our rapid growth

🤝  Collaborating with designers, developers, product owners and business analysts to find solutions that both scale well and satisfy everyone’s (often conflicting) needs

💡  Defining immediate improvements, identifying existing bugs and pain points, and strategizing for long term growth in each of my three verticals

🔍  Advocating for research, research and more research

✨  Designing visuals, from napkin sketches to high fidelity designs to hacked together html, in order to support my engineering teams in the best way possible, as well as providing ongoing support through implementation and testing

👻  Sending far too many gifs to anyone who will tolerate it (and to those who won’t. cough, JON, cough)


Union Pacific Railroad

UX Designer and Researcher

I worked with different departments and dev teams to research, improve and develop UP internal tools. From conducting intensive user interviews and usability testing, to designing and prototyping software, I helped discover issues and design solutions that improved our employee and customer experiences.

This role entailed:

✨  Designing low to high fidelity visuals, including mockups, prototypes and user flows

🔍  Conducting extensive research in order to improve UP internal tools

🤝  Collaborating with a wide range of engineering teams to redesign and improve existing software

💡  Designing a new customer tool from the ground up

🥅  Consulting on analytics goals and KPI’s for our Digital Customer Experience Department

💭  Dreaming about riding on trains (sadly I never go to do any yard visits)

projects of note

THE EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE | Explorative Research Project


UX Design Certification